Carried by Clouds

“Sometimes I go about pitying myself
And all the while I am being carried across the sky
By beautiful clouds.” ~ Ojibway Indian saying quoted in Family Groups, Al-Anon. Courage to Change—One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II. Al-Anon Family Groups. Kindle Edition.

Self-pity: excessive, self-absorbed unhappiness
over one’s own troubles.
Self-love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness
(chiefly considered as a desirable
rather than narcissistic characteristic)
What do you think of you?
Do you hate yourself?
Did you before you found Recovery?
Was it hatred or pity you felt? Both?
Self-loathing? Was it all about you?
Nothing else in the world mattered?
Did it look to the outside world
like narcissism? like excessive interest in
or admiration of yourself
and your physical appearance?
Have you changed since you found Recovery?
Do you now respect yourself,
feel worthy of well-being and happiness?
Is your Higher Power, your God,
carrying you across the sky?
Do you think God believes you deserve it?
Do you believe you deserve it?
You do!