As We Heal the World

Twelve Step practice is about all of us being healers and bringing balance back, first to ourselves and then to the world. We restore balance first in our own lives, working the Steps, healing our addictions, and restoring to balance the unmanageability of our lives. Then we move outward, “to carry the message to others” and “to practice these principles in all our affairs.” That is our healing work, and each of us does it in her own way. ~ Covington, Stephanie S. A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps (p. 242). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Step Twelve says, “Having had
a spiritual awakening
as the result of these Steps,
we tried to carry this message
to compulsive overeaters
and to practice these principles
in all our affairs.” It says nothing
about healing the world
but it does declare THE result
of working the steps is a spiritual
awakening, and as we share
with the world the joy
we have found, it follows
they, too, receive that joy,
and as we love as we first
were loved, and as
we spread the love
as we want to do
because of our spiritual awakenings
the whole world will be
filled with love,
healing the world!

 Image by Katrina Edwards