Accept It

I reset it. I know it was one slip day yesterday but I just don’t feel good. I want to work my ass off for good no bullshit abstinence. I so don’t want you to see me as a failure.~ MG
You’re not a failure. But working for abstinence is counterintuitive. Accept the gift of good no bullshit abstinence and work your ass off relishing it. Have a magnificent day! ~ JB
We feel the need to sacrifice,
to work hard to get food controlled.
That’s how we’ve approached it
at least since puberty. That’s how it’s done,
we know that! Except our lives
have proven it’s not true.
We failed that way again and again.
When we find these rooms
we finally learn, at long last understand…
abstinence is a gift, one we receive
by giving up, accepting the prize,
by accepting the gift
of good no bullshit abstinence,
understanding we win the prize
by surrendering!
Image Copyright : Jozef Mičic