A Life of Recovery

This latest part of my life has had a purpose, not in great things accomplished but in daily living. Courage to face each day has replaced the fears and uncertainties of earlier years. Acceptance of things as they are has replaced the old impatient champing at the bit to conquer the world. I have stopped tilting at windmills and, instead, have tried to accomplish the little daily tasks, unimportant in themselves, but tasks that are an integral part of living fully. ~ A.A. World Services Inc. Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition. A.A. World Services, Inc. Kindle Edition.

It’s a life-changing moment,
walking into a twelve-step group
with whom you were created to fit!
The world turns on it’s axis
and you are home, even if you’ve
never before been among your tribe!
Daily living is to long for,
to settle into. Fears that obsessed you
your whole life through
fall away, unneeded. You are home at last
where you fit and never want to leave!
Welcome HOME!!