Waste of Soul Substance

… a waste of time, a waste of the soul substance which is lavished upon a lie. ~ Fox, Emmet. Find and Use Your Inner Power (p. 27). New Albany. Kindle Edition.

What pulls you into negativity?
Jealousy? Longing for good times,
past or future but not living this day?
Resentment? Anger? Boredom?
Stressed out? Overbooked?
Is the negativity
a waste of your soul substance?
Is that what you want for this day,
the only day you have?
Change it! Count your blessings.
Notice beauty. Love someone
and receive love in the exchange.
Forgive someone else.
Forgive yourself.
You have no time, no energy
to squander on wasting
your soul substance…
so don’t!

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