Trying Love

My truth can’t be running but can’t be overbearing. I want to try love. How he needs it. Not attachment how I need it. ~ Patricia M

What is love in an intimate relationship?
Not in those in the giddy stage, new OR old…
no, the question then is silly, superfluous,
redundant. But what is love after decades,
some of them chafing the ties that bind,
staying in matches that have survived
smoldering tension, friction, corrosion?
What is love that has endured
duplicity, playing with rules, bruised,
damaged, defaced, mutilated alliances?
When the urge is to bolt, to quit,
to wallow in remorse,
how do you mend scraps and rags?
If your way of living is rescuing,
enabling, clinging, how do you rediscover
the ability to love one another
especially if the other is a loved one?


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