To My Regret

Dear Regret—
Yes, I call you “dear” as well as “regret”
understanding the innate conflict.
You ranked high on my resentments
for that Fourth Step I did in 2008.
The problem was you weren’t a regret
then…except my regret
I had been dealt with so poorly.
And the others involved
refused to let me sue.
Now I understand my arrogance
blurred my understanding.
I thought I knew her well
but her arrogance matched my own.
No, I call you dear, my regret,
because you taught me
I was not better than she,
even if  I was more intelligent
and better educated, but she deserved
respect as a person and my understanding
her hopes and longings
even when they stood in conflict with my own.

91252799 - resentful unhappy casual woman with short blond hair looking down