The Mythology of Old Ideas

We find eventually that pride and fear are mere wisps of smoke, the cloudy strands from which were woven the mythology of our old ideas. ~ Anonymous. A Day at a Time: Daily Reflections for Recovering People (Hazelden Meditations) (Kindle Locations 2976-2977). Hazelden Publishing.

Old ideas. My life the first sixty years.
Someone attacks, you strike back.
Who wouldn’t? Me, I hope.
What good comes from responding
when told to go to Hell with
“I’ve told you I live there?”
No good comes that way.
The years that are left
I choose to love, to make that
the truth where I dwell,
and I’m learning, far too slowly
to bring those around me
into the hug that is love.
I believe Karen Casey when she says,
“We can let go of our problems.
It’s ourselves and the attitude we have cultivated
that make any situation a problem.”
I’ll trade in pride, fear, and old ideas
for love today!
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