The Best Gift

Our own sanity is the best gift we can give to others. ~ L., Elisabeth. Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters (Kindle Locations 2303-2304). Hazelden Publishing.

We can run the world. Oops, error there.
Many of us tried that and failed miserably.
We couldn’t even manage our lives
or what we put in our bodies!
We can accomplish great things,
be perfect in achieving the goal
we set out to accomplish. Oops, we failed there.
We fell short of the goal and realized
perfection was not in us.
We can love others, for what the world most needs
is love! But it comes across as disingenuous,
for it’s obvious we cannot love even ourselves.
But when we learn to accept ourselves
as we are and stop trying to save the world,
when we find by accepting ourselves
we are loved and can even love ourselves,
we find ourselves restored to sanity
which we cannot recall having had before,
and in sanity with surrender
we can accomplish those great things impossible before!