Sufficient for the Day

If my courage is renewed each day and I know that I need just a day’s worth, that courage will always be fresh and the supply will not run out. ~ Anonymous. A Day at a Time: Daily Reflections for Recovering People (Hazelden Meditations) (Kindle Locations 1285-1286). Hazelden Publishing.

Have courage!
It’s not something most of us had
abundantly when we relied on
food, alcohol, drugs, sex, others
for sufficient gumption to live.
Often it was missing completely
and we relied on bravado instead.
Now, though, we rely not on luck
or chance or on our inherent right,
but we rely on a Power greater than we
and one day at a time receive all our needs,
serenity to accept what we can’t change,
courage to change what we can,
and wisdom to sort things out.
Fortunately our Higher Power
has the wisdom to dole out the courage
sufficient for the day but not enough more
to trigger our old bravado!