Spiritual Poverty

I was not meant to live in spiritual poverty. God’s gifts are mine for the taking, to be kept only by sharing them with others. ~  Overeaters Anonymous. For Today (Kindle Locations 606-607). Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.

Poverty: the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount.
Spiritual: of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit,
incorporeal, not about the body, untouchable, not physical.
We were not meant to live in spiritual poverty. Our natural state
is beyond the physical, is aware of a deeper, unseen part of us.
We inherently recognize a sacred something, a nature mot “natural”
but innately us. We were not meant to live in spiritual poverty.
We stand or sit in nature and recognize our kinship, our identity.
There is a spirit we feel, offering us peace, joy, ecstasy, home,
loving arms. We are one with that spirit and one with all others
who recognize and welcome that Spirit if Love. Ours is spiritual
opulence, affluence, abundance. Hug someone to claim this,
your birthright, your legacy, your inheritance.