She’s Describing Me!

Acceptance of being different from other people can be difficult, but it is also a relief. ~ Overeaters Anonymous. Voices of Recovery (Kindle Locations 2749-2750). Overeaters Anonymous.

She spoke at the workshop
for Overeaters Anonymous
and told MY life story
claiming it was hers!
I almost didn’t go back,
but my sponsor told me
she knew the woman,
had for years, and it was hers —
She’d told her own story.
The longer I go to meetings,
the more convinced I become
that every one of us
has a story that varies only slightly,
that we share fears, doubts,
rebellion, realizations,
sudden insights, resentments
and character defects.
But if we put our hands together
and  keep coming back,
we can also share our stories
of Recovery, serenity, and
the life beyond our dreams!