With recovery comes a new attitude toward self. We see that we find happiness by abstaining from compulsive overeating and seeking every day to do God’s will. New power and order enter into our daily activities, and we begin to approve of ourselves. ~ L., Elisabeth. Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters (Kindle Locations 2290-2292). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

We seek self-approval in many ways.
My self-esteem does not rise
by my counting the likes and loves
on posts on Facebook, and I seldom see…
or post…on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
But it is a battle to approve of myself.
I’ve garnered respect from others
by intelligence, achievements and success
but seldom tendered it to myself.
I could have trudged along,
ramshackle self-esteem all I had,
until a woman informed me,
You don’t have to be subservient anymore.”
How can I believe her? How can I not?
I guess it’s true, new power and order
enters into my daily activities,
and I can begin to approve of myself!


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