Real Power

Eventually, we learn the lesson that real power comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to feel hurt. Real power comes from knowing we can take care of ourselves, even when we feel emotional pain. Real power comes when we stop holding others responsible for our pain, and we take responsibility for all our feelings. ~ MelodyBeattie. The Language of Letting Go: Hazelden Meditation Series (p. 8). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Blame. My Blame, your blame, his blame, her blame.
Surely society is to blame. Who’s to blame?
Blame: responsibility for a fault or wrong.
Responsibility, guilt, accountability, liability, culpability, fault.
Responsibility. Perhaps a synonym but stronger,
responsible, even. Vulnerable, human,
having real power BECAUSE we allow  ourselves vulnerability.
We know that because we feel hurt. Perhaps once
we did not feel the hurt, blocked the feelings with addiction,
feeling no pain…or other feelings.
Powerless. Powerless over addiction,
unable to manage our own lives.
Until we found by surrendering to Power
instead of to addiction we began to accept responsibility…
not blame…for the feelings we discovered
and began to feel, to understanding by surrendering,
giving up, and…SURPRISE…found we had REAL power…
besides having Power!