Real Love

Even when we think we love someone, the ego has imagined a scenario that “pictures” a certain response from them. Real love expects nothing…. The miracle is that when we do feel love, total love for one, it touches everyone else.  ~ Karen Casey, Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course

It’s not give-and-take!
We need nothing back.
We give and give and give and give
expecting nothing from the person loved
though amazingly in the outward flow
of the love we give we get bountiful
limitless love from that very outward flow!
We cannot limit the love we give
to a chosen recipient. That love
floods out to the whole world,
to every individual, to each life form,
to the inanimate as well.
In the same way that God so loved the world
He gave the best, He supplies the willing
to so love with the intensity He gave.