Now Is Ours

Now is ours. The past is beyond recall. The future is as uncertain as life itself. Only the now belongs to us. Am I living in the now? ~ Anonymous. Twenty Four Hours A Day: Meditations (p. 95). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

We live in the Now.
And as long as we stay in the Now
we are not tormented
by the regrets, the guilt,
the resentments of the past
or the fear, the apprehension,
the anxiety, the dread and stress
of the future.
As the future gradually becomes the Now
we have the constant presence
and the guidance of our Higher Power
to keep us free of the emotional turmoil
trying to live in the past or the future
and to give us serenity to accept
what we cannot change,
courage to change what we should,
and wisdom to live in the Now
and in the peace that is our companion.