Light for Dark

What problem, evil, or wrong are you dealing with? Don’t dwell on it. Don’t react. Dwell on its opposite. Overcome the dark with the light. ~ Cahn, Jonathan. The Book of Mysteries (p. 234). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

She called me a rotten expletive
with an insulting descriptor.
Twice. The words were heard.
But ten seconds later I couldn’t recall
more than it was said. No way could I repeat.
I had no wish to but and all left was a void.
I had dismissed the vibrations, thought only
on my phrase for the day, “The peace of God
is shining in me now.” I like the light and peace
far better than the enmity and anger.
I choose to hold the good and never have the rotten.

Copyright : brillianata