Learning how the Wild Things Are Blessed

Blessed are all birds and animals, the wildest beasts, and, yes, all serpents, too, for they live in nature, in a state of natural grace. They live beyond the rules of evil and good. ~ Today’s Gift: Daily Meditations for Families (Hazelden Meditation Series) (Kindle Locations 1047-1056).

Wild things put their needs
ahead of their fellows,
feel no need to see to
the happiness of fellow wild things.
Wild things eat what they need now,
may save for later needs but
stop at enough.
Wild things protect themselves
and their young, warn of danger
but take no responsibility for
Wild things have no need for worry,
only for the next right thing.
Wild things deal with today,
not with yesterday or tomorrow.
Wild things are not embarrassed
to accept what is offered.
Wild things are not afraid
to be happy, to frolic,
to sing!