It’s Okay, God’s Here.

Because we fear abandonment, which comes from our misinterpretation that God left us, we cling tightly to our companions. ~ Casey, Karen. Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course (Kindle Locations 3773-3774). Hazelden Publishing.

Could fear of abandonment
come from a misinterpretation
that God left me? That would make sense
since non-perfect parents first
fill the god-role in our lives.
And when they shake our faith
we cling to them, trying to please,
failing too often. We move on from them
to other people, spouses, bosses,
friends, teachers. But they let us down, too.
But that’s okay. We wanted them
to be gods, to stand by us, to protect us.
But they’re not and never were.
That’s okay. God is here.
God loves me no matter what,
stands by me at the ready,
does not interfere but stands ready.
When I make the smallest move toward Him
He’s always there, always here with me,
and it’s all okay!!