God’s Will

God’s Will does not oppose. It merely is. ~ Schucman, Dr. Helen. A Course in Miracles (Kindle Locations 18356-18357). Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition.

God’s Will does not oppose. It merely is.
God could control us like wind-up dolls,
He could create us so His will became ours,
so we were programmed as clones.
All power is God’s. And His Will
is our natural will. But we have free will.
While we’re happier, more at peace,
more as we were made to be when we accept
the Will of God, we can choose.
The offer stands. It just is…
it always is. Ours for the acceptance.
Ours for our own good. Ours
for the benefit of all we meet.
Ours for God’s Will to roll through our lives
to bless the whole world.
What sane choice can we make but
accepting God’s Will? It’s your choice.

Everything after the BUT is bullshit.