Gifts of Recovery

…the Al-Anon program….gave me an understanding of this disease, the tools to change my life, the courage to use them, and a place to talk about my secrets and to hear others share theirs. ~ Family Groups, Al-Anon. Courage to Change—One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II (Kindle Locations 2142-2144). Al-Anon Family Groups. Kindle Edition.

It’s a kit! A Rebuild Your Life kit.
Any Twelve-Step program is.
While I identify with Al-Anon
as to codependency and the urge
to rescue, to change, to set at rights
another person, my own kit
is for compulsive overeaters,
anorexics, bulimics, binge eaters…
and “this disease” for me
is compulsive eating.
And understanding the disease
is a wondrous gift.
Tools to change my life
number nine:  a plan of eating,
sponsorship, meetings,
telephone, writing, literature,
action plan, anonymity and service.
These nine gifts have changed my life
and given me in addition the gift
of courage to use them.
Perhaps the most wondrous gift
is a place to talk about my secrets
and to hear others share theirs,
which brings me full circle
to the ability to understand
the fatal disease of compulsive eating
and the courage to live free of
the compulsion.