Finding Our Choices

“We may never have the choices we would have if we were writing the script, but we always have choices.” . . . In All Our Affairs

I’ve written novels, had one published,
and another caught the eye of an editor
for a major publisher. I made mistakes
but love the control, the role of God.
Somehow the characters in the book of life
are tougher to manage. Some authors pair up
and write that way. I’ll skip that option
those were it really available in living I’d try.
Meanwhile I can chose my moves…
and everyone else’s…but only I follow my directions.
Lately my reading guides me to change others
by loving them, by not blaming them,
by accepting them. Sometimes it seems to work
but not for long. Still, I always have choices
including anger, fear, rescuing, resenting…
But those don’t feel as well. I think I’ll choose
to love, changing what I can change,
and trust the real God to change the rest.

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