Find Your God

Whatever you put first, above everything else, that’s your god. Whatever you serve, whatever you live for, whatever it is that drives you, that’s your idol . . . whether your idol is money, pleasure, success, beauty, comfort, power, possessions, a career, an object, a goal, or your own self . . . whatever you put first and serve, that’s your god and idol. But here’s what you must always remember—every god and idol has an altar.” “What does that mean?” “There is always a cost to serving them, there’s a price to the idols and gods. There’s always an altar. And the altar will always require a sacrifice. Some will require the sacrifice of your peace; others will require the sacrifice of your health, your marriage, your time, your family, your integrity, your well-being . . . And the more you serve them, the more you must sacrifice.” ~ Cahn, Jonathan. The Book of Mysteries (p. 242). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

What do you put first?
What do you serve?
Is it a person, a community,
a cause?Is it a profession?
A substance, a habit, a reputation?
Is it the way you look, something you do well,
a possession, wealth, land, a place?
What is more important than anything else?
Is it your idol? An altar on which you would sacrifice
everything else in your life?
What is it holding center stage.
the god in your life?
Are you ready to make a change?
Who or what is your God?