Enjoyment of Just Being

This is not a program of searching after facts, but of looking within, attending to my spiritual needs. It is my spirituality which nurtures all that is uniquely me. The twelve steps open my heart, free my mind and release my God-given potential for the peaceful enjoyment of just being. ~ Overeaters Anonymous. For Today (Kindle Locations 1555-1558).

We come for the weight and eating issues.
And they improve, so the disease eases, succumbs.
We come in understanding the powerless over food,
even the unmanageable life. So, the First Step is fine.
Soon, though, we reach the Second and Third.
Spiritual? Either we knew we understood that
or prepared to “act as if” through the nonsense.
It turns out, though, the weight, the eating, the disease
matter not a bit. Control over them comes,
but it’s a collateral asset, even in our minds
when we come to understand
the God of our understanding.
We turn from the poor excuse for nourishment
that food was for us to spirituality nourishing us,
making us uniquely us. The twelve steps
open our hearts, free our minds
and release our God-given potential
for the peaceful enjoyment of just being.

birds freed