Daily Needs

I’ve delighted for years
in seeing notes judges write themselves,
treasures never seen but by them…
and other judges who occasionally
share their bench! Long ago one
had the words needed to overrule
or sustain an objection. More universal
is the last bench I shared, simple daily needs…
Laugh, Think, Cry and Pray.
I’ve been identified for more than fifty years
as a giggler. I would until recently have avered
I laughed daily. Yet recently when a son moved home
I pointed out the recent dearth of giggles
and asked his help in finding them.
In retirement I could play stupid computer games
all day long but instead have committed to reading daily
from seventeen sources, insuring ingesting deep thought.
Crying? Movies or songs or sad Facebook posts
provoke moist eyes most days, and morning with dogs
includes both structured and ad lib prayers
with water changing and circling the yard.
It seems I pass the test. And I’m grateful
for the chance to sit on benches and adopt
the wisdom of wise jurists.