Courage to Think about Your Thoughts

And Friedrich Nietzsche said it well when he said, “It’s not simply a question of having the courage of one’s convictions, but at times having the courage to attack one’s convictions.” ~ Pincott J., Excellence: Inspiration for Achieving Your Personal Best

Socrates said, “I know that I am intelligent,
because I know that I know nothing.”
Paul said, “When I was a child, I spoke and thought
and reasoned as a child.
But when I grew up,
I put away childish things.”
Coming into the Rooms of Recovery
takes away the solution we found,
the substance we relied on for comfort,
our method of living our lives.
We may have believed in God
though we at least had alternate deities,
those we relied on for solace,
but the relationship changes
and we begin to rely on God
to address our needs, not on ourselves.
We examine our relationships
with ourselves, our family,
our friends and coworkers
and everything changes…for good!
But not always the best.
We need never stop growing.
We will always have room to improve.
Do you have the courage to continue to change?
I trust I have. Shall we walk
this path to Serenity and Peace together?