So commit every part of your life, all that you have and all that you are, to the will and purposes of God. And your life will become that of a fisherman become an apostle, a shepherd become a deliverer . . . all that it was created and called and formed to become, all it was waiting to become . . . from the beginning. ~ Cahn, Jonathan. The Book of Mysteries (p. 278). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

Commitment is the assertive partner
of Surrender, a useful alternative
for those who focus on capitulation,
abdication, failure when encouraged to surrender.
Are the terms equivalent?
It depends on the object of commitment.
Commitment to the will and purpose of God
is the same as being a soldier under
the leadership of God, the Commander,
the Commandant, the Ruler.
Recognize the Superior, take His orders,
do everything you can to
allow His plan to prevail.

Copyright: Chattrawutt Hanjukkam