Because It’s Right!

“We do right because it’s right.” ~ B., Misti. If You Leave Me, Can I Come with You?: Daily Meditations for Codependents and Al-Anons . . . with a Sense of Humor (Kindle Location 994). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What is the right thing to do?
What you said you would do
unless you were pressured
or intimidated into saying so.
What you have considered quietly,
calmly, talking with wise people,
seeking guidance from the God
of your understanding.
What the law requires,
What is the commitment,
the responsibility you accepted
with due consideration.
What do you do when you have found
the right thing to do?
You do it, because it’s right,
because it’s just,
because you have found…
after due consideration…
it to be the right thing to do
and because it feels right.


Copyright : jarenwicklund