A Special Checking Account

Perhaps I will think of time as a special kind of checking account. I have twenty-four hours to spend…. I even have an opportunity to learn from my mistakes, since a brand new twenty-four hours can begin at any moment. ~ Family Groups, Al-Anon. Courage to Change—One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II (Kindle Locations 3301-3304). Al-Anon Family Groups. Kindle Edition.

Nine twenty-two in the morning.
What have I done worth doing?
I prepared and ate an abstinent breakfast.
But I neglected the dogs’ water dish
and my beginning the morning with prayer.
I posted my poem then shifted to Facebook
and computer games rather than readings.
Eventually Kindle and my morning brain-fare.
My second reading brought me here.
I could beat myself up, but it’s not all wrong.
Now I’ll see to the dog dish prayers
and come back to readings then
the to-do list past-due items.
A day of readings, contact with someone
who came back faithfully then stopped.
Some chores done but task list ignored.
I’ve time left, though, to tackle past-dues
and a Tenth Step after that will rest easier,
accounting for the day more comfortable.