A Community

It’s easier to make any new, positive behavior or way of thinking habitual when you surround yourself with role models who do likewise. But even when we sit among the naysayers, we don’t have to give our minds to the ego. Perhaps it’s our job, at that moment, to be the role model for everyone else. ~Casey, Karen. Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course (Kindle Locations 3390-3392). Hazelden Publishing.

Recovery people are a community,
folk who, like the Big Book says,
would never speak to each other,
much less be fast friends but for
that shipwreck we escaped!
But we recognize our common tales,
feel the family of choice…
We’re home. We find people
experienced in living lives
filled with the traumas we face.
Amid our heroes, our role models,
we stay long enough, brief as that may be,
and find we’ve found solutions,
been led by our Higher Power
to understanding, and are amazed
to find we ourselves can lead
as others guided us before.