What Do You See?

“There’s something Cezanne said that I think about a lot, something like, ‘I know what I am looking at, but what am I seeing?’ That’s what reviewing feels like to me. It’s very much to ‘re-view,’ to see again, to try to see farther and see deeper.” —┬áParul Sehgal

That’s what happens in a Fourth Step.
Familiar stuff…you wrote it yourself,
it’s tattooed on your memory.
Still, you can honestly say, “I know
what I’m looking at, but what am I seeing?”
My anger places the blame, clearcut,
beyond question. I’m the victim here,
I know how wronged I am.
Now, though, I’m to look at my part?
At how I started out all,
why it happened to me.
And suddenly I see, I view again.
And when I review, my innocence
shrinks dramatically.