We Failed Her

She came in angry, roaring for a fight.
We greeted her, asked about her,
heard her recitation of grievances.
Most of us tried to calm her, to accept her,
to make her feel among friends.
One or two called BS on her,
told her to put it behind her,
to work the steps, inventory the issue,
consider restitution. Most of us
knew crosstalk when we heard it,
suggested she work with her sponsor,
talk to individuals after the meeting.
She stormed out, slammed the door,
roared from the parking lot.
We failed her today,
and we’ll each be doing inventories
watching for selfishness, dishonesty,
resentment, and fear. (in us, not her).
When these crop up,
we ask God at once to remove them.
We discuss them with someone immediately
and make amends quickly if we have harmed anyone.
Then we resolutely turn our thoughts
to someone we can help.