The Newcomer

She came in a few minutes after the meeting started.
Ginger was leader for the day and and answered her
“Is this where you talk about losing weight?”
with a “Yes, and other things. We’re all people
who have compulsive behavior about food.”
Ginger offered her a newcomer chip,
but she shook her head.”I just want to listen,” she said.
We continued reading from the Twelve and Twelve
then sharing about what we’d read and how it affected us.
When going around the circle she was next,
Ginger said, “You may read and share or only read
or only share or do neither.”
She looked at the book she held and the next paragraph
and read, “We have stolen food from our friends, family,
and employers, as well as from the grocery store.”
She hadn’t finished the sentence when she sobbed,
groaned and bolted from the door.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.
Dru and I followed her stopped her
at the door to her car.
We three sat in mine right next to hers
as Sue and I spoke for the others,
telling her we remember
vividly that feeling, that despair when we first came.
We told her welcome home, she had found her people.