That Codependent Problem

The way you bleed for those who will not tend your wounds is self harm ~ Nigeen Dara

Codependency: “excessive emotional or psychological reliance
on a partner, typically a partner who requires support
due to an illness or addiction.”
Would I bleed for someone who will not tend my wounds?
What’s a decent analogy for wound binding?
If the person would not clean my mess no matter
how sick I might be? What if the person told me
what was wrong with me, and how to remedy it…
then chastised me for not following directives?
If the person were supportive most when I was ill,
visiting me, doing my chores for me, really trying?
If I harm myself by trying to please,
by avoiding crossing the person,
am I failing to be the me to whom the person
first was drawn? If I were the authentic self
who first caught his interest, would we function better now?
I find myself trying to vibrate to his frequency.
Would that I sought the frequency of the Higher Power,
that rather than trying to please someone who likes
neither of us, I will learn to be codependent on God,
attuned to His frequency, not to negativity!
That will expand who I am rather than continuing
to dilute me.