Sanity and Anger

Sanity is not how well I can hide my anger; it is having no need to react to people, places and things by becoming angry. ~ For Today, March 30

So, I need to hide my anger?
It’s not that I, individually,
need hide anger.
Unless I’m angry at me,
my anger is none of my business,
but chances are my anger
shows my opinion about
what someone else
has said or done.
The opinion, should it need expressing,
would most likely meet the need for honesty,
to avoid a lie of omission,
“What did I need to say to this
person so they knew
how I honestly felt about them
and the situation?”
and that should be gentle,
free from judgement and blame;
anger is neither needed nor useful.
But sanity as a solution for the situation
when formerly I would rant.
blame, and play “poor me!”
requires no anger but recognition
of how greatly I have changed,
how little purpose anger now holds
for my life.