Pride with Gratitude

Taking a look at pride means gaining a new perspective and looking again at who we are, not exclusively at what we have or do. Some of us have heard the slogan “The only person keeping us from having self-worth is ourselves.” The willingness to work the Sixth Step on pride begins by understanding that having healthy pride in our accomplishments in life is fine as long as it is coupled with humility and gratitude. ~ P., Bill; W., Todd; S., Sara. Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects – Steps Six and Seven (p. 34). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Are you proud of your job, your children, your savings?
What about yourself? What are you, the individual worth,
based on who you are, how you act, your insides, sans accouterments?
Does it differ from the job, children, savings?
It’s not identical but it’s all you. Can you look at the properties,
inherent and physical. Can you see how your old habits
created the dichotomy of pride in things but embarrassment in character?
It’s all you, and gratitude balances the mind, the perceptions
allowing those of us who once found shame in naturee
acknowledge Nature’s God’s hand in all we are.