Hearing the Yets

But instead of seeing the truth when all of the “yets” (as in, that hasn’t happened to me— yet) started happening, I just kept lowering my standards. ~ Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition (Kindle Locations 3956-3957).

Denial. Living in the insanity.
Always, always someone is around
who lives deeper in the insanity than you.
And if you live with that person,
how much easier the denial comes.
I’m not so bad as he is. She’s larger than I am.
I’m not there yet. And as I inch up on the worst,
I lower my standards, find others still worse
and refuse to hear the yets!
Until someone breaks through,
denies me the blindfold, shows me the yets I’ve passed.
and loves me past denial and into bliss.