About Yesterday

Karen, strange to see you here
at the library. I found the meeting
yesterday interesting. I had no idea
you’d ever been overweight. All these years
we’ve been friends and you were going
to those secret meetings. You seem so in,
so popular, so together. Believe me,
I won’t ever say anything to make you
remember the secret!

Sandy, don’t be silly. It’s something
I’m proud of. My whole life has changed
these years I’ve been a member

of Overeaters Anonymous.
I can’t believe you said that here!
Don’t you believe the anonymous part?
Of course I do. You know I’m a member
and when I qualified yesterday,
offered to sponsor, you know I said
I’ve been going and abstinent
more than ten years. To be honest
I was embarrassed when you came
that I hadn’t told you before,
hadn’t invited you to come.
You couldn’t, could you? Have told the secret?
Of course, I could. I can tell anybody
unless it would end up in the media…
even social media…that I was a member.
You mean you’re not embarrassed
I found out? I thought you’d be mortified.

Of course not. I’m glad you found us
despite my failure to speak to you about it.

Whew! I’m glad. Could you explain, then,
what a sponsor does? Why would I need one?

If you have time to talk, let’s sit down and visit!