A Disease of the Spirit

For many others, however, it is clear that what compulsive overeaters and alcoholics have in common is a need to nourish the spiritual side of their nature. ~ The Reverend Rollo M. Boas in Appendix  D,Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition (quotations are from the same writing.

“Spiritual values are important
because they deal with the whole person.
Wholeness in this sense is related to ‘holiness,’
as well as to “balance.”
A holy person is one whose body, mind, and spirit
share an equality that was (and is)
the intention and plan of God for all men.”
“It is only as the hurt and damaged soul
is given emotional and spiritual sustenance
that…destructive characteristics slough off,
and love begins to flow freely within
and from there outward.”
“Those who are prone to stuff themselves with food
that makes their bodies unsightly
are refusing the food that satisfies
and soothes the unhappy soul within.”
“There are three stages in the process
of getting any kind of food.
One: Take your body to the food.
Two: Dish it out and eat it.
Three: Enjoy it and use the energy it creates.
It is the same with spiritual food, food for the soul.”
“Finally, the message gets through:
Someone cared enough
to reach the starving soul.
You allow love within your life.
You are ready to take your body to spiritual food.”
“…love that is accepted
immediately eliminates your aloneness.”
“,,,you are encouraged to ingest and digest
two new kinds of food: First, understanding
for your straightjacketed mind.
This comes from OA literature and other sources.
Second, you learn that prayer and meditation
have a lot to do with satisfying the inner hungry one.
Finally, you can listen to the stories
you hear at meetings with a deeper insight.”
“But now that your body is no longer your master;
your mind is beginning to think clearly;
and your soul is fed, nurtured, and functioning,
you can reconsider those other sources of soul food.”