The Holy Vacuum

(Phrase used by Roni B, Region 3 Chair in conversation with Kay S, Region 3 Recording Secretary)

If I don’t do it how can it get done?
I know my time is filled, that I really can’t
continue doing it, can’t give any more
than I am right now without lapsing,
without dropping balls I’m juggling,
without falling on my face, without collapse.
What will people think if I just quit?
How can the world function If I lapse,
if I don’t hold the whole thing up,
Atlas and all? I know I’m indispensable.
I’ve asked my Power to find someone,
to relieve me of this burden, to help.
And no, it’s still mine. And I can’t let go.

But until I do, my Power’s won’t act,
won’t have a vacuum needing filling.
I’m in the way while I’m essential.
But if I step out of the way, if I trust,
if I surrender then God can fill
the hole, abundantly replenish
the holy vacuum.