I want to serve. Not just because…
well, not even because I’m co-dependent.
That’s not wanting to serve,
it’s manipulating to endear…
anyway, as I was saying, I want to serve.
But three hundred six times today I’ve pushed “scan”
and waited for the machine to sigh and sign again
as though it’s as tedious for it as it is for me.
But it is service and I agreed to do it
fourteen hundred days ago. Oh, I’ve worked on it…
a time or two. And I’ve promised it far more than that.
But it’s so tedious. I want to do something grand,
be something magnificent, not copy and copy and copy.
But it is service, and I said I’d do it. And when it’s complete
I’ll be proud. Because twice before I’ve agreed to archive
and I’ve done some and quit. And you know what?
This time I will complete it and it is service.
But the significance will be I’ve completed a task,
I’ve been honest with me and the people who trust me,
and I’ll know it is a service to the organization
but more than that it is one to me.