I Give Up

These are my expectations for myself, and I’ve had to let go of them for others. ~ Voices of Recovery (Kindle Location 2836).

I am the master of the universe, the dictator of all things,
responsible to see that the world and all its minions behave.
Not. But I thought so. I believed I could “help” others
by pointing out what they should do, by guidance,
by advice. Most often the recipients were those who irked me…
for, you see, I’ve found the irritation came from like souls,
that what I saw and wanted to change in them…I shared.
I wanted to exorcize the demon from them
when I’m the one it mocked, it claimed, it owned.
I can’t run the world. Have tried – hard – and failed.
I give up, I surrender. I relinquish the power to the Power
and in doing so find it possible to banish the bad behavior
from me…and only me…and that’s who I can change,
that’s how I can become…That’s how I win
by giving up.