Scoff or Pray

I earnestly advise every alcoholic to read this book through, and though perhaps he came to scoff, he may remain to pray. (Alcoholics Anonymous, The Doctor’s Opinion)

Come on in. Welcome!
We’re glad you’re here.
Yes, I understand how that word
“God” stuck in the steps
can be off-putting, a damper.
Stick around, though,
for a while, a few meetings —
long enough to get the feel.
Maybe you’re right.
We won’t argue. Prove us wrong
if you wish. Many of us felt
just like that when we came.
Heck, I did myself. But somehow,
over time, it quit mattering.
I didn’t mind the folk,
for they were kind, accepting,
made me feel like I belonged.
Somehow, and not too long
from when I came,
it felt so good to be here,
I’d forgotten what it was
that seemed so wrong.

A Time for Verse