Pervasive Fear

…he was scared most of the time, but he’d entered a place where the concept of fear had ceased to have any meaning because fear was always present, either as a whisper or a scream. ~ Michael Connolly, The Whisperer

Omnipresent fear.
The Big Book calls it
a short word touching
most every aspect
of my life. Oh, yes. Fear.
Terror, procrastination,
dread, panic, anxiety,
disease – a constant diet
of fear. A whisper usually.
A scream, too often.
Still, I’ve choices.
I can dwell in it
or allow it to camp out,
ignored, overlooked,
in me. It walks out front,
I trip over it. I walk boldly,
leaving fear to trail behind,
my dust chokes it off.

A Time for Verse