That Book

I’ve read the Big Book. 
Three times through,
plus a year reading random pages,
know it, quote it, apply it.
Time to more on, to other books,
to history, to others inspired by the book.

Why not? What’s to lose, it’s there
inherent in all the rest.
It’s here – visible – for comment,
for invitation to share, 
for connection with others in the rooms.

Part of the decor, part of my life
like the Bible gathering dust beside it.
Like the “Easy does it” mug or
“One day at a time” scrolling on the screen.
Still, rigorous honesty must win out.
It’s not part of the program, but the basic text.
Maybe today or tomorrow or this month

it can sit untouched with impunity. 
But for how long? 
I don’t want to know.