No, Thanks!

What a joke he is, this God of yours!
Tell me, if a guy did what you say
he does, wouldn’t you shun him?
He sits up there, judging, marking bad acts,
keeping up with what I did in 5th grade,
for gosh sakes! If I tried I couldn’t do enough
to even the marks. It’s not I don’t try,
but I can’t! And don’t say he makes it
so I can! It’s not like I haven’t asked
for his help, like I haven’t pleaded with him
but what good does that do? Not just to behave
but for others. I dare you to find someone
nicer than Joan but he took her away.
You said God needed her, but her kids really did!
How selfish is that? He wouldn’t heal her,
wouldn’t spare her. I can believe he wouldn’t
listen to me, but to her? You talk about turning
water to wine. But where is he when it matters?
Her good marks had to be way more than bad.
What does it count? Doesn’t it matter to him?
I shun your God, he’s a fake, he’s a fraud, a disgrace!